Red River Bassmaster Open: Q&A with Andy Young

We sat down with Andy Young to discuss his experience fishing the Bassmaster Open on the Red River last weekend. It was a good conversation filled with smiles and lessons learned.

Andy Young during the tournament.

Andy Young during the tournament.

What were your thoughts before going into the tournament?

It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to be able to compete at this level and I’m just grateful to have a chance. I was hoping to get out of there with a check, but it didn’t happen…this time.

How much experience have you had in tournament fishing and, specifically, fishing this location?

I’ve been fishing tournaments since 1997 but have never fished this body of water (the Red River).

I prefished for five days, and found what I thought was the right fish, but unfortunately didn’t catch them. I think this was mainly due to the fishing pressure, there were a lot of elite guys out there before me that may have cleaned up the area before I got there.

I stuck to my game plan, and that might have hurt me because I stayed in my starting spot too long on day one. However, day two went pretty well. If I could have performed on both days like I did on day two, I would have had a stronger finish and would have been in the money.

What gear did you use during the tournament?

On day one, I used a Biovex crank bait and a Zoom fluke. On day two, I used a Biovex wake bait and a Biovex spinner bait and also an Outcast swim jig. I caught my biggest fish on the Biovex wake bait in one to four feet water with lilypads stumps and mixed in vegetation.

How did you finish?

I finished 89th place out of 189 boats. It’s obviously not what I wanted but I took home some lessons for next time and I’m looking to redeem myself in September for the second Bassmaster Open on the Arkansas River.

What were the lessons you’ll apply to next time?

The biggest lesson I learned was to not try to make it happen if it’s not going to happen (chuckles). The pros at this level are like vacuum cleaners and can easily clean the fish out of an area. Next time, if I find that my game-plan location is not leading to any big bites, I will be on the move.

Andy Young is a pro angler, fishing the Bassmaster Open tournaments. You can like him on Facebook here for updates on his fishing experience. He is also a host of the Miller High Life/ Big Bass Derby. Enter for a chance to fish in the Big Bass Derby with him here (21+ yo, US citizens)!