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Save Big with at Northwest Sportshow

It is that time of year, like a ritual or right of passage, the annual Northwest Sportshow is upon us and means spring fishing is right around the corner here in the Upper Midwest!

The group at Kruger Farms is just as excited to kick things off as all of you are, to prove it, we are going to have some unbelievable deals in our booth. Virtually everything will be on sale and best prices of the year.  Just because it’s not listed on this blog, doesn’t mean it won’t be there or on sale, just too much to list!Northwest_sportshow_krugerfarms

You will find rods and reels from Dobyns, G Loomis, Shimano, Fenwick, Lew’s & Abu Garcia.  Hot tackle from Outkast, Keitech, BassTEK and others.  Plus gear from GoPro, SIMMS, SPY and UnderArmour.  So whether you are looking to treat yourself to some new rain gear or been itching to get a GoPro camera, make sure booth #428 is your first stop of the show!

Here is a quick highlighted list of deal:
Guaranteed Best Prices on Rods at the showFree Dobyns T-Shirt or Hoodie with purchase of new Dobyns Rod (while supplies last)
Abu Garcia Veritas / Revo combo for $179 (Reg $229)
Blowout prices on select Jackall & Sebile hardbaits $10 each or 2 for $15
Blowout prices on Shimano Curado Gs and some Stradic CI4 spinning reals
20% off all Fishing Line & Tackle!
Many more that can’t be listed!

Andy Young Hoisting the Hardware!

Meet Bassmaster Classic Qualifier Andy Young Friday, Saturday & Sunday (Booth #428)

Beyond the great sales, Kruger Farms has a handful of the Curado I series reels from Shimano, get to the show early if you want to get them before they are gone, plus all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2015 Bassmaster Classic qualifier Andy Young will be in the booth.  Along with Andy, other top fishing pros and experts will be in the booth all week-long to help answer fishing questions and pick out the perfect gear for what  you need!

How Amistad Was Won Pro Angler Andy Young has been one of the busiest guys in bass fishing the last week or so.  Fresh of his dramatic come from behind win on Lake Amistad for the Bassmaster Central Open series.

Andy Young Hoisting the Hardware!

Andy Young Hoisting the Hardware!

He was more than 10 pounds behind runaway leader Randy Allen when the last day began, which by most accounts left the rest of the field fishing for 2nd place. Then Allen weighed-in just one fish, and Young swooped in and claimed the win with his standard 13-ish sack (specifically 13-11).

His 39-06 total held off Elite Series pro Stephen Browning by a single ounce. It earned him more than $47,000 in cash and a slot in next year’s Bassmaster Classic on South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell (provided he competes in the other two events on the circuit, which he confirmed that he will).

Here’s how Andy went about it…..

Young arrived in Del Rio fairly early, he took advantage of a slow period at work and ended up with about 9 days on the water before the event.  Not all of them full days or that productive as there were many unseasonably bad weather days in that mix.

He got an early start on his first practice day and quickly caught a 4-pounder from about 15 feet of water on an umbrella rig, so he began running that pattern in different areas of the lake.

Andy didn’t get a lot of bites, but once in a while he’d catch a good one. He targeted deep flats with his umbrella rig, close to where they dropped off to deeper water. The bigger fish were usually around brush piles or trees – something for them to hold on.  He also developed a secondary game plan that involved dropshotting rocky ledges at depths ranging from 20 to 32 feet.

Tournament Days
> Day 1: 5, 12-01
> Day 2: 5, 13-11
> Day 3: 5, 13-10
> Total = 15, 39-06

Young got only six bites on day 1, and one of those was a short fish. His bag was very solid considering the conditions, but it left him nearly 6 pounds behind Allen, whose stringer was anchored by a 10-pounder.

Young managed just four bites on day 2. He’d boxed only three run-of-the-mill keepers by mid-afternoon when he connected with a 6 1/2-pounder on the umbrella rig.

On day 3, Andy had a limit by 11:30 and one of those fish was a beauty – a 7 1/2-pounder that fell for the umbrella rig. Culling two times after that and each of them was very minor – a half-ounce here and a half-ounce there. But considering the margin of victory was a single ounce, those two little upgrades were key.

Pattern Notes
Andy started each day on his deeper drop shot fish, he had 5-6 areas that he rotated through.  He started on these fish, because he felt they were more dependable and he knew getting a limit each day would be huge.  Plus having fish in the well would help him dedicate to chase bigger fish later in the day.  So once his confidence and sun were higher, he would start rotation through his three flats with the castable umbrella rig to score larger fish and he got at least one every day!


This photo taken the night before the last day of competition at the BASS Open on Lake Amistad of the actual rig Andy Young used during competition. Notice the red money jig on the center wire, one of the keys to this set up.

Depth  and retrieve was an important factor for the umbrella rig; it was most effective when retrieved within a few feet of the bottom and added a few erratic jerks along the way.  Another important factor was the color of baits and jig heads used.  Young found the fish reacted best to a mix of pearl and watermelon ghost Big Bite Cane Thumpers.  The Cane Thumpers were attached to 1/8oz Outkast Money Jigs and the center jig was one with a red head which caught most of his fish, just gave the bass a little something different to key in on and the red seemed to help them commit instead of fall the artificial bait ball.

Gear Details
> Umbrella rig gear: 7’6″ heavy-action Dobyns 766 SSM flipping stick, Lew’s BB1 casting reel (6.3:1 ratio), 65-pound PowerPro braided line, 1/8-ounce Outkast Tackle Money jigheads, 5″ Big Bite Cane Thumper swimbaits (pearl and watermelon ghost).


Dobyns Micro Savvy Flipping stick, with Cane Thumpers & Money Jigs on his umbrella rig.

> Andy prefers the Outkast heads because the 4/0, heavy-wire hooks are a little smaller than the standard U-rig offerings. “They don’t snag up on the branches and bushes as much and they hook the fish really well.”

> Dropshot gear: 7’4″ medium-action Dobyns DX743SF Champion Extreme rod, Lew’s Gold Spin 3000 spinning reel, 8-pound fluorocarbon line, 3/16-ounce lead dropshot weight (round), 1/0 Gamakatsu dropshot hook, with green pumpkin drop shot plastics.

The Extra Edge
>  “I think the biggest thing, with the weather being so bad, was me being from Minnesota and being used to it and having good Under Armour Base Layers. The cold didn’t really bother me. The other thing was having a simple game plan – I had two things that worked and I just kept doing them.”


Andy with rugged shores of Lake Amistad behind him.

Andy Young is a pro angler, fishing the Bassmaster Open tournaments. You can like him on Facebook here for updates on his fishing experience.

Winter Sales Deals at

Late winter into spring is when most anglers, hunters and outdoorsmen stock up for the upcoming year.  Christmas is behind us and we may have a bit of a tax return coming in the near future, so now is the time to score some deals and stretch your dollars a little farther.

The first place you should look is the Winter Clearance section of the Kruger Farms website.  You will find some sweet deals on Shimano, TriggerX Walleye Plastics, UnderArmour gear, Jackall hardbaits, decoys, blinds, hunting gear and much more!


And for all of you Sitka fans out there, check out the annual Sitka sale we are having which is 20% off through the end of February.

Sitka_Sale Don’t see what you are looking for in the sale sections, we have great hunting and fishing merchandise throughout the store and adding new stuff all the time.  Recently we added GoPro action camera and much more.

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Fishing for Beginners: What You Need

Pro-staff Contributor: Michaela Anderson

Fishing seems like a simple sport at first glance, but when you walk into a tackle shop or start researching tackle and equipment online it can be very overwhelming. There are a few basic things you should keep in mind–like a life jacket, sunscreen and boat snacks–then check out my tips below to help decide what rods, reels and tackle you should focus on for your first fishing trip!

Rod and Reel

Michaela (fishing here at the BASS National Championship) attributes her love of fishing to starting at a young age.

Michaela (fishing here at the BASS National Championship) attributes her love of fishing to starting at a young age.

To begin with, you are going to need a rod and reel–the options in this category are endless! For beginners, I would recommend starting with spinning gear because learning to fish on baitcasting reels can be frustrating. When it comes to rods and reels, the saying “you get what you pay for” holds very true. In comparison to their cheaper counterparts, the more expensive reels will offer an easier cast, smoother handle, and added sensitivity. However, if you are afraid of making a big investment right away, or are taking a kid fishing for the first time, you don’t need the latest and greatest. Shimano has a great lineup of reels under $75, like the Sedona, Solstace and Sienna, that are great for starter reels or as gifts for kids.

When you are picking out your rod, you should consider what action you are looking for.  If you are targeting panfish specifically, I would use a light or ultra-light rod like the Shimano Clarus. If you are fishing for whatever is biting, a medium to medium-heavy action rod has good all-species action. A medium-heavy rod will be your best option if you are using heavier baits or catching a lot of pike. Along with action options, you can also choose your rod length.  You will be able to cast farther with a longer rod, but a rod over 7′ long can be tough for kids to handle–so if you’re fishing with kids, focus on a 6′ 6″ or 6′ rod which will be a lot easier to use.

Tackle and Line

Tackle is a huge category and as you start to advance and fish more it becomes easier to pick which baits you think will work best for the specific lake and species you are fishing. For panfish, the basic equipment is light line (like 4lb Sufix mono), bobbers, small hooks or jig heads (like an 1/8oz VMC Dominator hammer head jig), and bait (such as night crawlers). If you’re not fishing for a specific species, use a slightly heavier line like 10 lb Sufix mono or fluorocarbon and a VMC Neon Moon Eye jig with a minnow. Playing with the minnows can also be great entertainment for kids if the fishing gets slow.

Michaela at a kids fishing event.

Michaela at a kids fishing event.

If you want to target walleyes, crankbaits (like a Rapala Shad Rap) or spinners (like a VMC Revolution Classic spinner) with a night crawler or minnow are great options. Bass fishing adds a ton of options when it comes to using artificial baits. The basic types of baits to consider are a fast-moving bait–that imitates a baitfish and entices a reaction bite–and a bait that has a slower presentation for less aggressive fish. The Rapala DT series provides options for fishing in all depths and around all types of cover. Also, I believe that one of the most under appreciated baits in bass fishing is the stick-style worm. My favorite is the Trigger X Flutter worm. I always have this bait on hand and it is my go-to bait when I take kids fishing.  There are so many ways to rig this bait and they all catch fish. The two most productive ways I have found to rig a flutter worm is weightless (which means using the just the hook) or on a VMC Stand Up Shaky Head jig. I will fish it weightless either Texas rigged on a VMC Wide Gap hook or wacky rigged on a VMC Wacky Hook.

I hope that these tips help you feel comfortable prepping for your first fishing trip. Once you get your toes wet, there are a lot of options to try out and you can test out your success in different types of water and foliage. In Minnesota there will be a lot of fish in the weeds and weed lines, which are easy to find without any electronics. If you need more help getting ready–feel free to post your questions on this blog and I’ll be happy to answer them!

Michaela Anderson is a college angler fishing the FLW, B.A.S.S. College Circuits and select FLW Walmart Tour events representing, Trigger X and the University of St. Thomas. You can follow her on Twitter (@MichaelaFishing) and like her on Facebook (