Storm has a Winner with New Arashi Series!

Storm Arashi Review

Pro-staff Contributor: Rich Lindgren

When Storm recently released their new line of Arashi crankbaits, it definitely passed the eye test for baits that would require some serious consideration from bass anglers.  But just as with most new bait introductions, the rubber really hits the road when you can actually get a bait into the water and try it for yourself.  Besides the cool looks, attractive colors and bait profiles, I was most interested in their new self-tuning line tie system.

Last week I picked up a pair of the Square Bills in both the 3 & 5 sizes.  But, as excited as I was to test these baits, I didn’t have a ton of time to get out in the boat. Because of my excitement, I tied one of my new Size 3 Square Bills in the Moss Chartreuse Craw color to my Dobyns Champion 705CB, and threw it in the back of my vehicle in case I had a few moments to water test these from shore.

Late last week, I was able to squeeze in about an hour of time to hit a heavily pressured pond not too far from where I live.  This pond has fairly dirty water, just a little grass, some wood and rock, and a mixture of bottoms.  It sees quite a bit of fishing pressure and the fish seem to get smarter every time I go there.  I figured this would be a pretty good first test—not everybody that reads bass fishing blogs has a big fancy boat with access to unpressured fish, but everyone can usually find small waters.

I started out with a few short casts just to get a feel for how the bait runs and to watch it in the water; I was very interested to see how the self-centering line tie would actually work.   The bait ran well in the test casts, so I started firing around and searching for test panel participants.  On my 3rd or 4th cast across a little shallow rock shelf, my rod bowed up under what felt like a solid fish.  After a few cranks of the reel, the bass came to the surface and, to my pleasure, the hooks kept it buttoned through several aerobatic attempts to throw the lure.  It ended up being a chunky fish that was probably just under 3lbs.

Fish and Arashi Square Bait

I fished this crankbait for around an hour and caught several more fish. I put it to the test—running it over rocks, mud, sand, scattered grass, old pipes, culverts and other random objects in this dingy pond—and it never hung up for more than a second.  It showed great deflection characteristics; climbing over obstacles in its way, and always quickly returning to a true path no matter how quickly or slowly I worked the bait.  With the rotated hook hangers, high-quality VMC hooks and circuit board lip, this bait has all the features of a high-end Japanese crankbait that would normally set you back $15. Instead, Storm delivers it all for about half the price.

I set up this bait on my Dobyns 705CB, paired with a Shimano Curado G6 and spooled with 15lb fluorocarbon—it seemed perfect for this crankbait. It casted like a rocket, I could feel everything that my bait climbed over, the soft action of the rod ensured all bass took the bait, and there was enough backbone to bury the hooks and keep the fish on all the way to the bank.

I am anxious to continue trying these baits this coming week in my next BFL tournament on the Mississippi River, but I already know this bait is a winner and will have a place in my tackle box!

Rich Lindgren is a tournament bass angler living in Lakeville, MN chasing bass all over Minnesota and its adjoining states. Bass blogger, podcaster and fishing promoter. You’ll see him fishing the Minnesota bass tournament scene representing and Dobyns Rods among others. You can like him on Facebook (

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