Getting Ready for Fall with White Rock Decoys

Brian and crew

Pro-staff Contributor: Brian Cote

It is no secret. We wait all summer long counting down the days until opening day.  We watch movies, clean out trailers and do other activities that help calm the itch of the off-season.  Then, we finally get to this time of year and the time comes to get everything lined up for the coming fall.  So we start by figuring out what has to be replaced or maybe some simple upgrades we can make to our rig.

Stay Hidden

When it comes to waterfowl hunting, there are many factors that are crucial to having a successful hunt.   I am primarily a field hunter so I believe the two most important factors are scouting and concealment.  When I first started out waterfowl hunting, I could only go to a few places and knew nothing about scouting.  My success rate was quite low to say the least.  Then my crew and I started getting more dedicated and we all put some miles on our vehicles to find that elusive “X”.  Taking the extra time to find the perfect location increased our harvest numbers dramatically—but an important step in finding the right location was checking for a the “hide.” I would ask myself, “What kind of cover are we able to use to stay out of sight and get the birds close?”  There are many ways to disappear from the birds’ keen sight, but when you’re faced with situations where it is tough to hide you have to adapt and find new solutions to the problem.

New to the Game

I got very excited when I learned about the Blind Door Decoys from White Rock Decoys. They now have a full lineup of Blind Door Decoys that include Canada Goose and Mallard models.  These decoys can help solve many issues when it comes to trying to hide a blind.  Their ability to break up an outline, something that can easily stand out in a spread of decoys, is a large advantage.  During the last year or two, the guys I hunt with have played with many different types of set ups sometimes the blinds would be outside of the spread or other times we’d try radical spread formations to help draw the birds’ attention elsewhere.  With these new decoys you can now place yourself just about anywhere in the spread and be well hidden.  They will also help cut down on the time spent brushing in blinds–which is especially great for me because this is my usual job in the field and I am very picky about making sure every blind is invisible.  If you have ever tried to hide 5+ guys in a field, you know this can get rather difficult.  These blind door decoys remove the empty holes from your setup that look unnatural.

I’m also excited about White Rock’s new field Canada Goose and Mallard decoys.  Having the ability to set up, maneuver, and take down a spread is a huge bonus when it comes to field hunting and these decoys give you all three of those things.  We hunted a field last year at least 12 times within a couple weeks only because we had a system down:  set up, shoot our birds, pick up, and get out as soon as we could to let the late arrival birds get to the field and have it all to themselves.  These field decoys are the little difference that will make the season better.

If you want to check out these decoys in-person, come join us at the Game Fair August 15-17th!  Or, as always you can find these awesome decoys on our site!

Brian Cote is a website administrator at and a devoted outdoorsman.  He’s eager to take up any opportunity to hunt waterfowl, deer and turkeys in the Midwest region. You can follow him on Twitter @BrianJr22 and find him on Facebook

Blind Door Decoys

Minnesota DNR Announces First-ever August Canada Goose Season

Canada goose decoysIf you’re anything like us, you’ve been counting down the days until fall arrives and the hunting seasons open. Well, the Minnesota DNR just announced that we won’t have to wait as long as expected! In an effort to control Canada goose populations, the DNR is opening up the first August Canada goose season from Saturday, Aug. 10 to Sunday, Aug. 25.

Steve Cordts, the DNR’s waterfowl specialist, said “the state’s Canada goose population is very high and exceeds our statewide goal…We have continued agricultural depredation concerns in the western portion of the state with large numbers of Canada geese. This is one more option for us to try and increase our harvest of Canada geese.” (DNR News Release)

“Hunting will be restricted to an intensive harvest zone in west-central Minnesota. The daily bag limit will be 10 Canada geese with no possession limit.  Shooting hours will be from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. A small game hunting license, special goose permit and state waterfowl stamp are required.” (DNR News Release)

We’re going to make sure we’ve got our Avery/GHG decoys ready for this new season! Check out our Avery/GHG decoys online, or if you’re in Starbuck come to our Pro Shop Fall Primer August 2nd and 3rd! We host a Fall Primer once a year to offer you the hottest prices on hunting gear. This year, we’ll also have “try it before you buy it” firearms and we’ll be sure to have our Canada goose decoys available just before the season opens. We’re pumped that the season is now less than month away!
Compressed Map Hosts 3rd Annual KF 100 3-D Archery Shoot

Pro-staff Contributor: Brian Cote

Target 2 KF100If you are a serious archery hunter like me, you know that the summer months can be tough.  I’ve spent hours sitting at home watching hunting shows and DVDs, trying to pass the time until the fall rolls around and I can take to the woods in search of game.  When it’s finally opening day, I want to be on my way to the stand knowing that my bow is sighted in and I can make any shot that presents itself.  This is why I jump at the chance to participate in 3-D archery shoots in order to stay accurate and confident for the fall.

Outdoor Shoots

Outdoor 3-D archery shoots are one of the most fun and rewarding activities to pick up for the summer months.   They help drastically improve and fine tune your archery skills and are a great way to meet new people.  My suggestion is to search the web for local shoots, which in some areas happen every weekend.

In order to ensure a good time, get a few of your buddies together and head to these shoots.  A little friendly competition is always fun!  Also, the other members of your group can help watch you while you shoot to see if they notice any slight changes that you could try throughout the course.

Another fun aspect of outdoor shoots is that most have unmarked distances and will not allow the use of rangefinders.  It can be a fun challenge to try to guesstimate the yardage before executing your shot.  It’s also a handy skill to perfect, because you never know when you will only have a split-second to decide to shoot when the animal that you are targeting shows up in range.


Kids KF100There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to shooting outdoor 3-D targets.  Some people like to deck out a bow and use it just for 3-D purposes.  These are usually longer axel-to-axel bows and outfitted with stabilizers, scopes and 3-D-specific arrows.  I myself use my hunting set up—including a Bowtech Insanity CPXL, Victory VAP arrows and a Tru-Fire Hardcore release.   I have the mindset that if I can make these shots with my hunting bow, then any shot in the field should be a piece of cake. That is, without adding in the buck fever effect.


Over the last two years at, we have hosted the KF100 3-D Archery Shoot at the farm in Starbuck, MN.  This year will be the 3rd annual installment to this tradition and it is going to be another fun shoot!  Along with providing a way to perfect your archery skills, there will be some fun novelty shoots to gather crowds and test whether participants can perform when prizes are on the line.  Plus, those who come in top of each class will earn great bragging rights. If you’re local—be sure to join us on Saturday!

Brian Cote is a website administrator at and a devoted outdoorsman.  He’s eager to take up any opportunity to hunt waterfowl, deer and turkeys in the Midwest region. You can follow him on Twitter (@BrianJr22) and find him on Facebook (

[vimeo w=400&h=300] Fearless Contest with Jeremiah James Korfe

Facebook Fearless ContestAre you Fearless? Well prove it! and Mountain Khakis love to see women show how they’re Fearless by getting involved in the hunting and fishing activities that can many times be dominated by men.  Help us prove that women can be Fearless too! The winner of this contest will appear in a music video for Jeremiah James Korfe’s “Fearless Gal!”

Here’s a preview of the song:
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

To enter, post your picture to our Facebook wall and tell us why you’re Fearless in the post. We’ll compile the submissions and post top ten picks for a vote.  Our fans will decide who will be our KF Fearless Star by voting for their top pick!

  • Winner receives:
    • Opportunity to appear in a music video with Jeremiah James Korfe! (Filming will most likely take place around July 25, 2013)
    • Travel accommodations to and from Kruger Farms in Starbuck, MN
    • Accommodations at the Farm
    • Photo submissions will be accepted June 1st, 2013 through June 14th, 2013 THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO 11:59pm JUNE 16th, 2013
    • Top ten candidates will be selected at the discretion of judges selected by
    • Voting will take place 9:00am CT June 18th, 2013 through 9am CT June 28th, 2013
    • The candidate in the top ten with the most likes in the contest photo album will win
    • If winner is unavailable during filming date(s), an alternate winner will be selected
    • Submission to contest authorizes to use submission contents (photo, name, bio) for promotion of contest
    • Must be 21+ years old and a US resident
    • No purchase necessary

If you need help picturing yourself in a music video with Jeremiah James Korfe, check out the last video we created with him, “This Paige is You!”


For a taste of what emmulates Fearless, check out Mel’s Fearless Story:


We can’t wait to see everyone’s submissions!

Pro Shop Grand Reopening in Starbuck, MN

Sign BorderAs many of you know, the farm in Starbuck, MN is the heart and soul of At the farm, we have put a lot of time and effort into making sure the birds and animals have everything they need to flourish.  We have restored 600 acres of prairie for nesting and fawning cover, nine wetlands so there is plenty of water, and we plant nearly 40 acres of food plots so the pheasants and deer will have something to eat all the way through the winter.

Now, we’ve expanded our passion for improving the farm to our pro shop. Our goal is to provide Starbuck, MN and the surrounding area a retail location with our specialized focus on guide-recommended gear. This is a place where you can get your hands on the products and see where they are tested each year.  The newly remodeled pro shop offers the top name-brand gear that we sell on  ammo, decoys, the world’s largest Rapala selection, Sitka, Drake, well you get the idea.  In addition, our pro shop offers some of the most in-demand products we don’t currently sell online, such as bows and new and used guns!

Come join us this Saturday, on April 27th for the Grand Reopening. We’re going to have extended hours, 9:00am-6:00pm, to celebrate all that we’ve been able to accomplish with this remodel. It’ll be a great chance to check out our latest products, to hang out with fellow hunters and anglers, and to take advantage of our event specials!

Click here to view a few photos on the renovation results! We have a Facebook event created for this event, check it out and RSVP here!