Bassmaster Classic Preview

The 2015 Bassmaster Classic is now just a few days away.  Rewind the clock about 12 months and you may vaguely remember a Central Open held on Lake Amistad. angler Andy Young won that event in early February of 2014 and was the 2nd angler to qualify for this year’s classic on Lake Hartwell, he qualified even before the defending Champion Randy Howell.

Andy Young Hoisting the Hardware!

Andy Young Hoisting the Hardware!

After the long year wait, Young is finally getting his shot at bass fishing’s biggest crown.  If you are not sure who you are pulling for in this year’s Bassmaster Classic, you will not find a more likeable angler in the whole field then Andy Young.  Beyond that, Andy is one heck of an angler and on top of that he has been putting in his time to take him to the next level.


Andy spent a few weeks on Lake Hartwell this winter before the cutoff and has been touring the Southeast part of the country in the mean time fishing different southern fisheries fine tuning his skill set and at the same time prepping for the 2015 FLW Tour Season.


Starting now and all season, make sure to Follow Andy Young’s Fishing Page as well as the Fishing Facebook pages to see what Andy and the Coor’s Light – wrapped Ranger are up to all season!

Good Luck Andy!

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